Worried about Motivation Letter?

Recently, University of Allahabad has announced  the applications for Master Visiting Fellowship in Big Data Research at Heidelberg University, Germany . A full advertisement can be seen at-  http://allduniv.ac.in/ckfinder/userfiles/files/Final%20Advt%20171117.pdf
Since I am from the same University, I would write my first post about writing  a ‘Letter of Motivation’ which might help my fellows over there meanwhile can be read by anyone of-course!

Usually when you apply anywhere you need to fulfill some specific kind of requirements which usually include writing a formal application, letter of motivation, research proposal etc. Usually it is hard for grad students to write a crisp, clean and clear letter of motivation. To be honest, you may find several posts on the internet which do tell you how to write professionally. They are good enough to clearly tell you what points should be included, what not and many other things to learn about professional writing. Still, when I look back at my graduation days, I know even after reading many instructions I was not able to write ‘to-the-point’. According to me , writing skill is not something that you can part in binary like- ‘I write perfectly’ or ‘I can not write even a word’. It is something that you learn and get better with the the time. So, I am not going to pin-point the suggestions because you can get it many where but some ‘to-the-point’ things which you may use directly in your letter.

  • How to start- 

Your very first line should not be just a line but an impression and reference. None would want to read you unless he knows what it is about. Just like this post. If I would not have written that it is about writing a motivation-letter, you probably would not get annoyed. So start by writing what your letter is about. It could seem like this-

 Letter of Application


Your address and contact details

Receiver’s Address

Dear XYZ

I would like to apply for the…..


I am writing here to apply for the…


This is regarding your advert. published….

  • Then Tell Background like-

As my resume reveals, I have Bachelor`s degree from XYZ University  and currently, I am…..

  • Be sure to signify your institution/University like-

I am privileged to obtain my postgraduate education in Bioinformatics at University of Allahabad (A central University of India, Known as Oxford of East) which is known for its enriching academic ambiance where learning and research complement each other.

  • Then tell about your professional experience like-

Being taught by eminent faculty, I have developed a big interest and passion towards Bioinformatics and  managed to have a strong foundation in ……

  • After that tell how this position would help you, like-

The opportunity to participate in this study would foster….

  • Assure them that you will make use of whatever you learn there, like-

I plan to ensure the further dissemination of the knowledge and experience gained by this opportunity in…

  • Close the letter with usual formality, like-

I, hereby enclose a copy of my CV/Resume (whatever it is, there is a difference we all know it) with the hope of consideration. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Sign it.

All the things written above is just my view. You still should see and learn which can be done by one thing and that is -reading about it. Then , please try to write yourself, do not copy /paste. Whatever is written in the post is just to have an idea about the things that should be included in the letter of motivation. You need to write accordingly with a wise choice of words.
Hope this was helpful. You may comment or ask anything if you want to.

Happy Applying.


Admin (BioinfoGeeks)

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